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A few years ago we established a local corvette club which we appropriately name the Lake Country Corvette Club.  We are some what less than formal in that we have no meetings, no club membership fee and no politics.  We are a member of the Canadian Council of Corvettes.  There is a membership fee to belong to that organization.  Our main objective is to cruise to a variety of car shows with friends and enjoy the corvette experience.  We are proud to say that many other corvette enthusiasts have already joined our group.


If you as a corvette owner would like to participate.   Send an e:mail indicating that you wish to join.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.


When the group gets together for a cruise you will be notified.  There is no obligation just be part of cruising with friends.



LCCC                                     LCCC


Ron Green                              Joe Shaughnessy

We have decided that for the 2017 Corvette season and going forward that LCCC will be a 100% compliant club with in the Quad C "Canadian Council of Corvettes" organization.  There for only those signing up to Quad C will remain on LCCC membership list.
We all enjoy being part of  a corvette club and the social benefits that become part of the cruises etc.  However through Quad C we gain a much larger affiliation with corvette owners from throughout the province.  Quad C membership also affords us enrollment in their club insurance policy that gives another level of coverage for member clubs.  With that in mind we are asking those who want to remain within our club to send payment to cover each member cost as follows: